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Name Everwinter
SLURL Elven Mist
Sim Rating Moderate
Group Everwinter
Membership No
Rezzing/Cost Yes/L$150
Links Flickr
Contacts Owner: Lauren Bentham, Admins: Bramble Foxdale, Lewis Halderman
Info Post Apocalyptic Theme Park inspired by the abandoned amusement park in the real world city of Pripyat, Ukraine.

No: Facelights, Abuse, Harassment, Griefing, Gesture Spamming, Obnoxious Gestures, Music/Sounds played by avatars, High-Scripted items, Flashing items, Huge items, Obnoxious items, Particles or Particle Poofers, Bright Lights, Shouting, Soliciting, Public Sex, Vampire Biting, Advertising or Spamming, Firing of weapons, Pushing, Rowdy talk on local voice.

Always check the sims you visit for the most current version of their rules as this information may have changed since it was last updated here. Bloggers & Photographers – Don’t forget to credit the location in your blogs, flickrs, etc.!


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