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Name: Elysion
SLURL: Les Reves
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: | Elysion |
Membership Required: Yes
Group or Membership Fees: L$650 group join fee
Other Links: Flickr | Facebook

Information: Member supported sim, so membership is required for access to the island and events. Membership offers weekend DJs, themed events, weekly social mixers, monthly burlesque shows at The Luxe Theater, White Pines Art Gallery Exhibits. Common sense rules for Adult sims apply unless otherwise stated.



Name: Membata
SLURL: Promised Land
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: ~*Membata*~
Membership Required: No* (see rules)
Group or Membership Fees: L$100
Other Links: Destination Guide

Information: Coastal Jungle inspired by the tv series “Lost”. Lost multiplayer game, underwater treasure hunt, dancing, shipwreck, caves and more.

Rules/Requirements: Common sense rules for Adult sims apply. Membership to the group is required if you wish to access all poseball menus and entertainment features.


Name: Hypnotic
SLURL: Pirol
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: Hypnotic Hangout
Membership Required: No
Group or Membership Fees: None
Other Links: Facebook

Rules/Info: This is an adult sim, so nudity and sex are allowed. Otherwise, common sense rules for Adult sims apply. Includes a variety of areas including nude beach, ice rink, dancing, private areas, forest, boat hire and more.

Creamy’s Spot

Name: Creamy’s Spot
SLURL: Soulcity
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: Creamy’s Spot
Membership Required: See Info Section
Group or Membership Fees: L$300
Other Links: Flickr Pool

Information: D/s & BDSM Sim. Non-members are restricted to two destinations: The Parlour and The Ruins. Members also receive access to The Wine Cellar, The Office, The Monastery, Den of Iniquity, Sin City PD & ER, Orgy Suite, The Nags Head, The Ballroom, The Beach, The Cove, The Temple, St Catherine’s College, The Cabin and D.I.S.C.O.


  • No escorting
  • No weapons of any kind (working or otherwise)
  • No Spam biting (such as Bloodlines)
  • No child avatars
  • No Age Play
  • No heavy-scripted items, particle effects, or gestures. Xcite or other chat-spam objects should be set to silent or private.
  • Your Creamy’s Spot group tag must be worn in all areas other than the Non-member areas.
  • Human Avatars Only
  • Sexual activity encouraged in all areas except the non-member areas.
  • Respect must be shown to those engaging, no interrupting unless invited to join, no manipulating another guests menus, etc.

Requirements: Guests must TP in clothed – The landing point is casual dress. Other clothing requirements as follows:

  • The Wine Cellar, Terrace, Ballroom and RP areas – Men should dress appropriately (Suits, jackets, shirts, slacks, smart jeans, and shoes). Ladies may wear Gowns, cocktail dresses, lingerie or be nude in all areas aside from the Parlor.
  • The Beach – Anything goes, as bare as you dare.
  • The Monastery – Latex, whips and chains encouraged.
  • The Temple – Naked ONLY area

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