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Name Everwinter
SLURL Elven Mist
Sim Rating Moderate
Group Everwinter
Membership No
Rezzing/Cost Yes/L$150
Links Flickr
Contacts Owner: Lauren Bentham, Admins: Bramble Foxdale, Lewis Halderman
Info Post Apocalyptic Theme Park inspired by the abandoned amusement park in the real world city of Pripyat, Ukraine.

No: Facelights, Abuse, Harassment, Griefing, Gesture Spamming, Obnoxious Gestures, Music/Sounds played by avatars, High-Scripted items, Flashing items, Huge items, Obnoxious items, Particles or Particle Poofers, Bright Lights, Shouting, Soliciting, Public Sex, Vampire Biting, Advertising or Spamming, Firing of weapons, Pushing, Rowdy talk on local voice.

Always check the sims you visit for the most current version of their rules as this information may have changed since it was last updated here. Bloggers & Photographers – Don’t forget to credit the location in your blogs, flickrs, etc.!


West of The Rain

Name: West of The Rain
SLURL: Vitalogy
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: West of The Rain
Membership Required: No
Fees: None
Other Links:

Information: A public sim and full region loosely inspired by The San Juan Islands in Washington State. Common sense rules for Moderate sims apply.


Name: Telrunya
SLURL: Diamond Island
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: ..:Telrunya:..
Membership Required: No
Fees: None
Other Links: Flickr

Information: Winter themed sim. Common sense rules for Moderate sims apply.


Name: Elysion
SLURL: Les Reves
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: | Elysion |
Membership Required: Yes
Group or Membership Fees: L$650 group join fee
Other Links: Flickr | Facebook

Information: Member supported sim, so membership is required for access to the island and events. Membership offers weekend DJs, themed events, weekly social mixers, monthly burlesque shows at The Luxe Theater, White Pines Art Gallery Exhibits. Common sense rules for Adult sims apply unless otherwise stated.

Warm Springs

Name: Warm Springs
SLURL: Warm Springs
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: ~~Warm Springs ~~
Membership Required: No
Group or Membership Fees: L$50
Other Links: Flickr

Rules/Requirements: Family friendly sim, joining group gives the ability to rez objects for pictures.

Sa Na Rae

Name: Sa Na Rae
SLURL: Junin
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: SaNaRae
Membership Required: No
Group or Membership Fees: None

Rules/Requirements: No weapons or attach HUDs, No vulgar language, No sexually offensive attachments or gestures, No bothering other explorers, No soliciting. Nudity not allowed under most circumstances, however if a photographer wishes to work on a professional photo that requires nudity it may be allowed for 30-40 minutes by prior approval of the staff.

Update: You’ll now need to use a teleporter sign to get to the beach area where these pictures are taken, or walk to the far side past the shopping area.

Black Kite

Name: Black Kite
SLURL: Black Kite
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: Go Fly A Kite
Membership Required: No
Group or Membership Fees: No
Other Links: Official Flickr Pool


If you would like access to drop poses and props for photos, or videos, you need to join the “Go Fly A Kite” group. Access to the group allows you to drop poseballs/props and set the sim to your home.

  1. All areas are free to explore to visitors minus: A. The home area of theblackcloud Oh, and friends. B. The building area of theblackcloud Oh, and friends. C. Any area 300 meters above the ground.
  2. No flying above 300 meters. Fly is turned off for a reason.
  3. Make sure to pick up any item you may drop when you use your group tag.
  4. Lashing out and personally attacking someone after you’re asked to read the covenant or follow the rules will end up with you being reported, muted and banned on the spot.
  5. No overt sexual acts or overt violence.

For further details about these rules and who to contact for problems, see the Covenant giver at the sim entry point.

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