Kaimela Mista

Name: Kaimela Mista
SLURL: Everholt
Sim Rating: Moderate
Group: ::: Kaimela Mista :::
Membership Required: No
Group or Membership Fees: L$10 (to deter spammers)

Information: This is me and my partner Lucavi’s home. After spending much time making our home beautiful we decided we wanted to share it with others. Kaimela Mista encompasses 1/4 of the sim – it should be pretty obvious where our land begins and ends as there are borders between the parcels.

There are a lot of places to sit alone or cuddle here, so explore every nook and cranny! The Tower on the ground is off-limits to those not on the access list. As it is on it’s own parcel, you may see ban lines around it. If you don’t wish to see these ban lines, in the Firestorm viewer you can go to World -> Show More -> Ban Lines to hide them.

We have a sim-wide dance system from TIS. Our dance ball handles both singles and couples dances, and you can find “remotes” located in several spots on the land. So as to not have unsightly items around, the “remotes” are in the form of mesh red roses.

Rules/Requirements: 􀀀

  • Don’t be a jerk to others. Don’t bug them when they’re trying to have a peaceful moment with someone or by themselves.
  • No nudity, sex, or anything that could be considered age-play or against LL TOS.
  • No attachments that might disrupt peace for others, including particle poofers, wearing buildings or overly bright facelights.
  • No spamming, recruiting, marketing, biting, etc.
  • Don’t bother the neighbors. There are several other parcels on the land. It should be pretty obvious where our 1/4 sim covers.
  • If you’re experiencing a problem with someone, please try to resolve it between yourselves courteously. If mute and de-render or blacklist don’t solve the problem, or they are being disruptive to the land at large, please contact Ned Cyr (nedria.cyr) or Lucavi Cyr (lucavi.couturier) with details.

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