Creamy’s Spot

Name: Creamy’s Spot
SLURL: Soulcity
Sim Rating: Adult
Group: Creamy’s Spot
Membership Required: See Info Section
Group or Membership Fees: L$300
Other Links: Flickr Pool

Information: D/s & BDSM Sim. Non-members are restricted to two destinations: The Parlour and The Ruins. Members also receive access to The Wine Cellar, The Office, The Monastery, Den of Iniquity, Sin City PD & ER, Orgy Suite, The Nags Head, The Ballroom, The Beach, The Cove, The Temple, St Catherine’s College, The Cabin and D.I.S.C.O.


  • No escorting
  • No weapons of any kind (working or otherwise)
  • No Spam biting (such as Bloodlines)
  • No child avatars
  • No Age Play
  • No heavy-scripted items, particle effects, or gestures. Xcite or other chat-spam objects should be set to silent or private.
  • Your Creamy’s Spot group tag must be worn in all areas other than the Non-member areas.
  • Human Avatars Only
  • Sexual activity encouraged in all areas except the non-member areas.
  • Respect must be shown to those engaging, no interrupting unless invited to join, no manipulating another guests menus, etc.

Requirements: Guests must TP in clothed – The landing point is casual dress. Other clothing requirements as follows:

  • The Wine Cellar, Terrace, Ballroom and RP areas – Men should dress appropriately (Suits, jackets, shirts, slacks, smart jeans, and shoes). Ladies may wear Gowns, cocktail dresses, lingerie or be nude in all areas aside from the Parlor.
  • The Beach – Anything goes, as bare as you dare.
  • The Monastery – Latex, whips and chains encouraged.
  • The Temple – Naked ONLY area

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