Where do we go from here?

Welcome to Second (Life) Date. The blog was started in February of 2014 and is owned and operated by Morgan Mistwalker (morganmyst) (formerly known as Ned Cyr (nedria.cyr)) – A 10+ year resident of Second Life.

What this blog does: Provides information on places that I think others might like to go for a date. Since dates don’t just have to be snuggling and dancing and many people have quite varied interests, you’ll find a variety of places listed here. I will list basic information such as location, fees, sim rating, if there’s a membership required, rules, etc.

What this blog does not do: This is not a review blog. I will not be providing personal opinion on these places nor writing reviews on them. It is meant to be informational only.

Post categories currently include

  • All Venues (If you don’t know what you’re looking for, go here. Does not include closed venues.)
  • Closed Venues (Formerly blogged locations that are now closed. Posts retained for reference.)
  • Family Friendly (Places good for those with SL children.)
  • Fun & Games (Riding tracks, zombie hunting, miniature golf, bowling & more.)
  • Live Music Venues (Venues that regularly showcase live singers and other live music.)
  • Nightclubs (Well designed and decorated clubs with DJs and dancing. May be romantic in theme.)
  • Photogenic Sims (These are beautiful sims designed with explorers and photographers in mind, and have little to no spots for cuddling or other couples stuff.)
  • Rated R (Adult venues with explicit themes.)
  • Rentals & Restaurants (Vacation rentals, timeshares, restaurant rentals, etc.)
  • Store Sims (Romantic venues that are also the home sim for mainstores.)

If there’s a place you think would be a good addition to the blog then feel free to click the “Submit A Venue” link at the top of the site and use the form to do so.

If your venue has been blogged here and you see incorrect information please let me know and I’ll be happy to update your post. Likewise, if you visit a place on the blog and find it no longer exists I would appreciate a heads up.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and happy exploring!


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